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System Pavers
System Pavers

System Pavers is the #1 Outdoor Living Remodeling Company in the United States. They have been in business for over 27 years, and currently service markets throughout California, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest. Homeowners have come to depend on them for quality and state of the art craftmanship.

The System Pavers marketing team utilizes a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy to deliver their message through digital and traditional channels. Marketing Associate, Jen Buchanan, was tasked with decreasing the client acquisition cost in the direct mail channel. She partnered with the Westamerica team to deliver a solution.

Westamerica suggested trying to a new approach to System Pavers long-standing solicitation packages, replacing the traditional letter campaign package with a self-mailer solution.

Westamerica’s mailhouse team provided new layout options that would be easy to open and read, while also ensuring that no space for messaging was lost. The new mailer design featured a large 18 x 9 inch footprint with a 3 ½ x 9 inch flap to serve as a reply card.

Early results of the new package as compared against the current control package are encouraging. The new self-mailer decreased the cost of client acquisition by 10% after the first month in use. That’s a huge impact for a company that mails as many as several million pieces each year.

System Pavers will monitor the program each month and make a final determination as the year progresses.


System Pavers


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