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Virtual Marketing Assistant

Your one-click portal access to all things marketing

Since the program started, Aerospace FCU noticed an increase of 36% in Auto Loans in a 30-day period in response to an Auto Loan mailing, and an 8% increase in Credit Card Balance Transfers over the previous month. We anticipate continued success with other products as we mail throughout the year.

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Virtual Marketing Assistant


The marketing and communication landscape is rapidly changing. Effective managers need a flexible, integrated, all-in-one solution that can move as fast as the market. The Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) from Westamerica is your one-click portal access to all things marketing.

A Dependable Member of Your Team

With full employment it’s harder to find personnel for many positions. That means we have to do more with fewer people. The Virtual Marketing Assistant increases your productivity and helps you get things done.

The Virtual Marketing Assistant is the most comprehensive marketing management system of its kind and is built entirely around YOUR needs.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Handles Many Simple Marketing Tasks

You can streamline many of the routine and simple tasks that take you away from bigger opportunity projects. Clients using the Virtual Marketing Assistant claim they save a minimum of 120 hours annually!

With your Virtual Marketing Assistant you can:

  • Design and print promotional materials
  • Access pre-created micro-marketing campaigns
  • Implement local event marketing
  • Manage premiums and incentives
  • Curate corporate brand assets
  • Develop turnkey programs for outside development teams
  • Provide reports of your activity for project recaps
Virtual Marketing Assistant Aerospace

Micromarketing Campaigns

Aerospace Credit Union preloads monthly marketing templates right into their VMA. Then each month they download files from their MCIF and upload directly into their VMA. The result is individually addressed and customized marketing postcards featuring special rates.

Outbound Personalized Staff Announcements

Redwood Credit Union’s Investment Team uses the VMA to order and distribute their individual Bio cards and send out 59½ year birthday cards to their members. The birthday cards provide appointment opportunities for retirement planning.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Redwood
Virtual Marketing Assistant Chevron

Local Event and Outreach Support

Chevron uses their VMA to make their selection of local marketing materials available for local events for their regional marketing team. All materials necessary for a successful event can be ordered, customized, and shipped directly to the location.

Brand Office Supply and Marketing Resource Control

Beacon Pointe Investment Advisers use their VMA to provide access to stationery and marketing materials throughout their 15 branch locations. Users can create and order materials directly against their assigned budgets.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Beacon Pointe
Virtual Marketing Assistant First City

Centralized Ordering for Marketing Collateral

First City Credit Union maintains a digital inventory of their corporate items to eliminate the need for a central person responsible for coordination. The benefit is greater visibility of expenses and faster turn time from order to receipt as branches place print-on-demand orders directly from their offices.

Premiums and Incentive Management

With the VMA, you can establish budgets for branch giveaways and promotional items. Traffic Management Incorporated uses it to track individual branch usage in the handy budget reporting tool. This allows everyone to know when the items were ordered, by whom and how much was spent. Inventory can be replenished automatically so you are never out of stock.

Virtual Marketing Assistant TMI

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