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Direct Marketing

Put your brand in your customer’s hand

" ...Create a stronger connection with your audience.... "

Getting the right message to the right lead at the right time requires a multi-channel strategy.

Printed mailers create a stronger connection with your audience and have a significantly higher response rate than email.

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Direct Marketing
Effective Marketing Made Easy

Direct marketing provides you with more possibilities for your marketing and branding efforts. Westamerica is your comprehensive direct mail marketing solution, with on-site design, printing, and mailing capabilities.

While email marketing may be more affordable, mail is still more effective. Further, online customers often cite direct mail as a direct influence on their buying decision. Don’t get caught in a spam filter — send your leads something they can hold in their hands.

The Facts About Direct Marketing

1. High ROI
The return on investment for $1 in direct mail expense yields $12.18 in increased revenue.

2. High Readership
Your direct mail piece has a scan or read rate of 78%!

3. High Consumer Preference
73% of US consumers prefer to receive direct marketing for branded communications as it gives them a chance to read it at their convenience.

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