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Non-Profit & Member Associations

Increase Funding and Memberships with Comprehensive Marketing and Support

Today’s non-profit organizations face twin challenges: shrinking grant monies and growing operational costs, resulting in increasing competition for donor funding.

That requires a strategy of ongoing communication with a moving, meaningful message to nurture donor relationships over the long term.

Engage Your Audience with Your Unique Story

At Westamerica, we believe the most compelling message is your own story. Our job is to bring your story into focus, create a dynamic package, and deliver it to potential contributors.

Westamerica’s Association Maximizer can help improve the quality of member communications, grow your customer base, and increase event participation.

Choose one, all, or any combination of our six coordinated strategies to reach and exceed your association’s goals.

Reader MAX

Bring your membership magazine alive with interactive content

Member MAX

Build exciting membership campaigns to grow your organization

Meeting MAX

Improve attendance with an integrated print/digital campaign


Succeed in the digital marketplace with creative tools and techniques

Donor MAX

Increase outreach and maximize revenue

Data MAX

Discover a new approach to elections, surveys, and other data collection

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