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Custom Packing for Higher Education Skincare

Manufacturers and marketing professionals have provided consumers with sample products for years. During the past decade, the concept of sample products has taken on a new persona, the subscription package. There are custom packages to meet the needs of just about everyone. We’ve seen beauty, clothing, dog treats, educational, fitness, beef jerky, jewelry, and many other types of subscription packages.

At Westamerica, we’ve taken custom packaging to a new level with our client, Higher Education Skincare. Working closely with HES, our Custom Packaging Department created a subscription package that serves as a custom rewards/loyalty box for their customers.

Client Goals

The company’s goal was two-fold: to reward clients for their loyalty and to reinforce the brand with their target audience, 18-24 year old college females. The colorful package contains samples of their promotional products to promote new usage. It also includes practical branded items such as a coffee mug, a writing journal, and an embroidered beanie all adorned with the company’s logo. These are promotional items that go a long way to reminding the customer of the product line every day.

Our Custom Packaging Department was able to design a loyalty subscription box that was both functional and stylish. Most importantly, the subscription package supported the clients brand goals. And our Promotional Products Specialist helped procure the promotional items, saving the client over $3,000 on these products.

At Westamerica we like to say that, “we begin with the end in mind.” This allows us to look at the desired project results and work backward, pulling the right people into the mix. This was a great example of a complete Westamerica solution.

Custom Packaging Capabilities

Westamerica can do any type of custom packaging from subscription packages and retail packaging to Point of Sale Displays. Whatever your packaging needs may be, we can create a solution catered to you. If you would like more information please Contact Us!


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