Opening its doors in 1975, the successful family business once known as “the Printing Company” became Westamerica Communications in 2014.

The company has spent nearly 40 years perfecting the science of print while offering expanded capabilities to meet the growing demand for cross-media options.

The new Westamerica is a merger of two powerful organizations: Westamerica Graphics and PSB Integrated Marketing in 2014. This merger allowed two strong product and service providers to expand their presence and depth of capabilities to regional and national clients.

Westamerica Graphics, a 40 year old company with a stellar reputation in Commercial Printing for some of America’s top brands and a wide range of top-tier regional firms, had grown to become one of the most respected print providers in Southern California. With an eye toward innovation and efficiency, Westamerica has consistently added equipment and talented staff to its team.

PSB was a marketing powerhouse with over two decades experience creating results for clients with a full spectrum of creative, design, print, and mail services. PSB streamlined creative production and project execution, earning their reputation as a trusted partner of Retail and Commercial Enterprises, Financial Institutions, Municipalities, Non-profit organizations, and much more.

In 2014 the communication experts at Westamerica Graphics merged with the marketing professionals at PSB Integrated Marketing to bring you Westamerica Communications. We like to think that our company brings a New Spirit of Communication to those we support.

What is the New Spirit of Communications?
It is the effective integration and optimization of mindset, message, and medium. Westamerica exists to transform your communication while making your job easier and helping you grow!

Three key principles drive us.

A Spirit of Ingenuity
We know that today it’s never enough to remain the status quo. We must always re-think, out-think and innovate to bring you new ways of managing your business.

With our end-to-end solutions, comprehensive integration of resources, and our single-mindedness towards excellence, you gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

A Spirit of Velocity
With every deadline more aggressive and each demand more complex than the last, efficiency is critical. The old step-by-step model using multiple vendors simply cannot keep pace with dynamic communication and market demands.

We continue to reinvent the project process, streamlining all resources internally to accelerate your effectiveness. Your projects are crafted from beginning to end within our organization, one contact at a single supplier. We offer an agile, accuracy-driven strategy so you experience the fastest turnaround, unsurpassed quality, and exceptional service.

With the acquisition and integration of new capabilities every day our momentum continues to grow. Our abilities are always expanding.

A Spirit of Confidence
Westamerica is your can-do partner, committed to meeting even your most demanding deadlines. Today you are juggling more priorities than ever before. You need an experienced, reliable partner. Eager to accept and meet any challenge, we make your goals our own.

We are committed to integrity…confident and resourceful in the face of any challenge. Dedicated to coming through for you, we are your trusted partner.

After almost 40 years in business it’s part of our DNA to never miss a step, to always come through.

We integrate your marketing mindset, message and medium and we’ve brought together all the resources in one place to harness creative quality and project speed:

• Knowledgeable account management
• Extensive graphic design and creative resources
• Complete on-site pre-press, printing and finishing
• Comprehensive on-site mailing and fulfillment services
• Online media, email, interactive and web programming
• Digital StoreFront and fulfillment services
• Wide Format, POS and Structural Graphics

Westamerica proudly serves a wide range of industries:

• Retail and Commercial Services
• Financial Services Marketing
• Non Profit and Member Associations
• Municipalities and Utilities
• Health and Wellness
• Commercial Print

How We Work

Every company has a culture. Ours is a positive, welcoming one. You’ll notice it the first time you walk through our door. At our core, we’re driven by what we call our “High Five Values” – five non-negotiables that are embedded into our company DNA. These values impact how we work and the decisions we make each and every day.

 Here’s our High Five:


We exist to serve by Building Value. We strive to be a valuable resource for our clients. We honor and value each of our individual team members.


  • External Clients– “Customer Service” is not a department – it is the primary job description for every team member. We will succeed by demonstrating “Whatever it Takes” service to each of our valued clients.
  • Internal Clients– We’re all on the same team. We treat fellow team members with courtesy, with respect, and with appreciation. We are consistent, our team members know what to expect from each other.


  • Leadership– that is supportive, encouraging and fair.
  • Systems– that allow our team members to do extraordinary things for our clients and for each other.
  • Growth– opportunities, both corporately and individually, built upon a solid foundation of Biblical values.


  • Integrity– We expect honesty in all situations, at all times.
  • Initiative– Be proactive and MAKE good things happen.
  • Unity– Recognize that each team member has a role, and all roles are important to achieve team success.
  • Sense of Humor– Be nice, be friendly, and don’t take yourself too seriously.


  • DO– what you say.
  • FINISH– what you start.
  • MANAGE– your time wisely.
  • TREAT– people the way you want to be treated.
  • ACCEPT– responsibility for your own actions and your own destiny.

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