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Aerospace FCU
"Aerospace" Online Marketing

As part of a new marketing strategy, Aerospace was looking for a simpler way to conduct repeated targeted mailings.

Westamerica Communications’ Marketing Asset Management portal provided the solution. We call it Focused & Adaptive Marketing. Focused because we target a specific audience with a specific offer or call to action. The Adaptive nature of the program means that the message, the offer, even the art itself, can change as the program changes.

Each month, Aerospace submits a new creative file which is quickly processed and placed onto their branded portal. Aerospace uploads the simple mail data, which drives the quantity as well as the cost. Our online marketing portal then creates a multiple-page PDF which is printed, trimmed, and mailed.

The benefit of this program is that the client can produce a quick and targeted mailing at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Focused & Adaptive Marketing allows the client to quickly respond to marketing activities without significant costs.


Aerospace Federal Credit Union


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