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CaseStudySlide.Mellanox.5eMailEmail, mobile apps, responsive designed web sites, social media, PURLs, landing pages, the list goes on and on. Digital is a big part of marketing!  It’s a big part of marketing because mobile devices are a big part of the average consumer’s life.

According to Google, “82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. They get ideas, look up information, and make decisions, all from their smartphone anytime, anywhere.” Companies take advantage of the fact that consumers have their mobile devices within reach.

Retail and Mobile
A while back, my friend and I were walking past a major retail store when she received a text message with a 10% off coupon from the retailer. My friend was amazed. She asked me, “How do they know where I am?” I explained to her that it was a very easy thing to do. She had given her contact information, including her phone number and agreed to receive information from the retailer. Couple that with location tracking and the next thing you know there’s a coupon on her mobile device.

At Westamerica Communications we understand that the consumer’s shopping experience has changed. Research shows that foot traffic in retail stores has declined by 57% in the past five years, but the value of every visit has nearly tripled. The reason for this is simple. Mobile is driving local shopping and purchasing decisions. This is exactly why, for the past five years, we have been developing specialized mobile apps, websites, and other digital marketing methods for our clients.

B2B and Mobile
It’s important to understand that these trends are not just happening with consumers in retail markets. These same changes are taking place in the B2B marketplace. Data from Google’s Customer Journey tool shows that 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. That’s a 91% increase in the past two years. And that’s throughout the entire purchasing path not just at the initial stages of research.

So, there you are, sitting on the couch next to your significant other watching a television program you have no interest in watching. What do you do? You reach for your mobile device and shop. Maybe you shop for a new pair of shoes or maybe you look for a new vendor for a particular product or service you need at the office. Today there’s really not much difference between the B2C or B2B customer. The purchaser may be on a lunch break or walking their dog. Either way, they are carrying and using their mobile device. These are what Google calls, “micro-moments.”

Sometimes it’s, “I-need-some-ideas moment.” Other times it’s, “Which-one’s-best moment.” And, still other times it’s, “I-want-to-buy-it moment.” Whatever the moment, you as a provider of products and services, must be available to your current and potential customers. Maybe it’s through an app that makes it easy for them to make a purchase. Perhaps it’s an easily accessed, information-rich mobile friendly website. Or maybe it’s a specialized landing page that they are directed to with a piece of direct mail. Whatever it is Westamerica Communications can help create the digital marketing methods you need to keep connected to your clients.