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Today, many customers find that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to handle all the demands of their busy departments. With marketer’s jobs expanding to cover all forms of media, creative design, marketing strategy, product development, analytics and more, deciding how to allocate scarce resources often results in a compromise. That’s where your Virtual Marketing Assistant comes 

Virtual Marketing Assistant is a one-click portal access to all marketing things.

One of the many benefits of VMA is handling simple marketing tasks that will pull those lost hours back in your pocket while taking over simple marketing tasks, with the VMA you can:

Micromarketing Campaigns
Local Event and Outreach
Centralized Ordering

Personalized Staff Announcements

Brand Office Supply and Control

Premiums and Incentives

  • Access pre-created micro-marketing campaigns
  • Implement local event marketing
  • Design and print promotional materials
  • Manage premiums and incentives
  • Curate corporate brand assets
  • Develop turnkey programs for outside 
development teams
  • Provide reports of your activity for project recaps and budgets
  • The VMA allows you to conduct all your tasks and communication in one place…right from your desktop!
    To learn more or set up a 10-minute demo contact your account representative or check out Westamerica Communications Virtual Marketing Assistant.

    Here’s a link below to save time and money in marketing.