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Every successful organization shares a common goal: improving team culture. Large Format interior office branding can help achieve this. With the use of display graphics, the benefits of a synergetic team are powerful. Large format graphics used in wall wraps can increase employee engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Kia Motors sought to bring their message to life in the hallways and offices their employees see every day.  Westamerica made use of our Wide Format division to accomplish this interior office remodel. As a result, our large format printers enabled us to print on substrates that are environmentally friendly and easy to install. Once a campaign is finished, our wide format substrates are easy to remove for the next project. Subsequently, Westamerica was able to install these graphics overnight, in order to surprise the employees before the Kia Superbowl Ad premiered.            

Results: Elevated Employee Engagement and Company Pride

Westamerica’s capabilities have helped Kia unify and motivate their team. The employees’ faces lit up with excitement as they were blown away by the large format designs that filled their office. This energy has translated to increased engagement and creativity in the corporate office.

A study by the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology supports this, stating, “people working in enriched spaces [are] 17% more productive than those in lean spaces.” Our wall wraps and large format printing can help achieve results like these, by bringing vivid art to life in your office. Westamerica can deliver inspiration to your employees and empower your marketing campaigns with wall wraps, floor graphics, display banners, environmental signage, window displays and other products. So, if you are looking to “Give it Everything” like Kia Motors did, then we are here for you.

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