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Teamwork is the backbone of any successful enterprise. At Westamerica we pride ourselves on our team spirit.

One key team member helping Westamerica Communications deliver on our key values of Leadership, Systems, and Growth, is Dan Plomin.

Dan is the General Manager for our Wide Format/Display Graphics Division and leading our company expansion into this area. He’s responsible for all things related to displays, exhibits, and retail merchandising.

“The expansion of Westamerica’s operations has helped us deliver new benefits to our client,” Dan explained. “We have resources in place that will allow our clients to create beautiful retail and event signage that can measure a full 10 feet wide and be virtually unlimited in length. In addition to our existing large format vinyl printing equipment, we also offer complete print production and graphics on everything from fabric to stainless steel.”

Recently, Dan worked with Westamerica team member Patrick Saxena and customer Eagle Credit Union to deliver a customized merchandising scheme for Eagle’s newest branch and corporate office.

According to Dan, “We met with the Erica Beach, the Marketing Executive from the Credit Union to understand the objectives and goals for the new space. We then delivered a strategy that allowed Eagle to meet all their goals cost-effectively, while also meeting member service goals and maximizing sales potential. We came up with a creative solution well beyond what they believed they could accomplish for the budget they had allocated.”

The final project included the production and installation of:

  • Indoor Wall Signage
  • Word Wall art
  • Exterior graphics, including on the ATM
  • Timeline display sharing the key milestones of the credit union’s history
  • Office Faux Frost Etchings for offices and cubicles






“There are big advantages to being able to design, create and produce all of the materials in-house,” Dan said. “When the entire team works together we are able to deliver more for less, faster than the other guys, and there are no surprises!”

This is an exciting time for Westamerica. With Dan’s leadership, we’re expanding our large format/display graphics capabilities to provide new “extra-large” marketing strategies for our clients.