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How can you leverage the little QR Code in your marketing?

The QR Code has blossomed into a legitimate marketing tool.

The humble beginnings of the QR Code started almost 30 years ago. It was created to use as a tool to track parts and inventory. The new code provided a faster scanning process than the traditional bar codes. The QR code quickly became adopted my many other companies, and the use of the code expanded into other applications.

Consumer use keeps growing

As the usage of the QR code increased, additional applications began using it. By 2011, roughly 14 million Americans had interacted with a QR code. However, it’s estimated that in 2022 approximately 89 million smartphone users in the United States have scanned a QR code!

The reason for the growth? Greater convenience in many applications. Over the past few years alone, we have seen how virtually every restaurant has a QR code for menu activation.

Using QR Codes in Marketing

The QR code has become more flexible to be used in more circumstances. For instance, today’s QR codes can be personalized to the company. Company logos and different colors can also be added to the QR code design, making it more memorable to the consumer.

We have seen QR codes on posters, TV Screens, Billboards, Business Cards, Busses, Direct Mail campaigns and even bathroom stalls! They really have become ubiquitous.

And, best of all, they are now trackable!

How Westamerica has been using QR codes

We like QR codes for all the same reasons the marketer does. They work because they minimize the effort to get to information. QR codes are the one-click solution in the analog world. They create a simple bridge between the old media and new technology.

The trackability of QR codes can now provide input on where leads and contacts may be coming from. We have been using trackable QR codes in our direct mail efforts and are now able to report to our clients on what engagement looks like though the mail channel.

Trackability of QR codes provides valuable information on engagement.

Not only can we track engagement, we can also identify time of day, device used, and location. Are you using and tracking QR code activity?

Now is the time to start.

Thanks for joining me today!