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Growing New Accounts – Putting a New Face on the IRA

By February 2, 2023Mark's Minutes

For years, the standard approach to gaining new clients was to throw out an offer of Free Checking or a High-Rate Savings Account to capture consumer attention. But then everything changed. People invested heavily in the market and traditional savings products were pushed down by low loan rates and a non-traditional Fed policy.

Stock Portfolio Losses Have Hurt Average Investors

After the record market correction in September that wiped out 22% of the average portfolio, people are clearly looking for safety in their investments. And while they aren’t taking everything out of their brokerage accounts, they are balancing what they have and being more critical about where they put their new “investment” money.

What People Want Right Now is a Safe Haven

Throughout the years leading up to 2022 savings rates were routinely below 1%. Most longer-term CDs and other savings vehicles left savers with little earning potential. Now with market corrections and Fed rate increases, savings products are much more appealing. One-year CDs are now showing rates in excess of 4% nationally and may go higher!

Retirement products (IRAs/Roth IRAs/Annuities/401K) are always top of mind during the first 3 – 4 months of every year as taxpayers review their current income and estimated tax liability. Their radar is focused on two things:

1.) How can I lower my current 2022 tax liability or improve my refund? (immediate gratification)

2.) How can I generate safety and a reasonable return going forward? (risk avoidance and investment return)

Traditional savings products are the answer!

New Product Strategies for IRAs will Drive New Accounts and New Money

Most institutions are not leveraging their creativity when they promote IRAs. In fact, they don’t even talk of the benefits they just announce, “We have IRAs and here is our rate.” Imagine how far that gets you with any other consumer product!

Adding more personality and product benefits to your IRA offerings will generate more interest and drive more traffic.

Consider some new ideas for this old standby (as an example): 

The Safe Haven IRA – A high-rate IRA plus a checking account that auto deposits on next year’s IRA. The consumer can adjust how much they want to contribute each month based on their current circumstance…more or less depending how much they have available.

The Bonus IRA – A high-rate IRA with a kicker for bringing in new money from another institution. A free checking account/debit card rounds out the package.

It’s time to dust off your IRA, get your creative juices focused on a powerful concept and get your fair share of this business. It’s a great source of new money and new relationships.

Now is an opportune time to take a fresh look at enhancing your deposit product offerings and grow your account holder financial security! Please let us know how we can help!