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Marketing in today’s multichannel world requires a company to present a unified, coordinated presence. This can present continuity problems. In its simplest form this means making sure the logo on your website is the same as the logo on your social media channels, print collateral, and email blasts. But it goes way beyond your logo.

Achieving Brand Consistency Across Multiple Units

What happens when you have multiple units, perhaps bank branches or restaurant locations? How can you insure that each unit is using the correct brochures, stationary, business cards or pocket folders? How can you track, organize and warehouse your supplies? How can you do all this and maintain a consistent brand presencethough each of your locations?

This was the dilemma facing First Foundation Bank (FFB) in Irvine, California. With branch offices throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii, they needed a way to provide their branch offices with marketing materials but still allow the local branches the flexibility they needed to personalize their own products.

Looking for a Time Saving Marketing Solution

First Foundation came to Westamerica looking for an online system that would help their branches deliver a consistent brand message while allowing local customization. In addition, they wanted to eliminate the bottleneck of funneling all orders through corporate. Their list of requirements for the system included:

  • A warehouse to store their stationery and marketing collateral materials
  • Customizable business cards with built-in approval and fast turnaround
  • 24/7 web access
  • Reporting Systems
  • Multiple user logins
  • A site that mimicked their own website, skinned with their colors and images

One of the first thing on FFB’s list was warehousing. They knew that ordering in bulk can save money but they didn’t want to store all the materials in their corporate office, or in the respective branches.

Next, they were looking to streamline their business card orders. They wanted the ability for each branch to create personalized business cards for their employees without having to send every card through corporate for approval. The process had to be quick, have immediate online approval abilities and all the while keep the content consistent with their brand.

Westamerica’s Marketing Asset Management System

Through an in-depth discussion with the representatives from First Foundation Bank, we created a centralized portal where they can store, order, customize and print their marketing collateral on demand. In addition, our online marketing fulfillment solution program allows FFB to easily manage their inventory from anywhere.

Elle Luce, Marketing Associate at First Foundation Bank, said thatWestamerica’s custom-created portal “makes our job easy when it comes to ordering all supplies and keeping our stock organized. Our admins can access the site, order anything from envelopes, note cards, or brochures, right online, without having to go through my team.”

“First Foundation Bank’s marketing team really appreciates the ability to see the actual inventory counts on each item right on the website portal.” – Elle Luce

Westamerica built in an effective customer service feature that immediately sends order confirmations to the marketing staff so they know exactly when their orders are shipped.

StōrFront: Westamerica’s Marketing Fulfillment Solution Program

We call our online marketing fulfillment solution program StōrFront. It’s easy to use and perfectly integrates traditional marketing fulfillment practices with the latest digital technology.

Here are the key benefits from using StōrFront:

  • A single web-based portal for all your marketing collateral, from print-on-demand to preprinted inventory, kept in our dedicated warehouse
  • A single manufacturing source that can maintain brand consistency across your printed products
  • A user-friendly portal that gives your team access to collateral, print-on-demand or even promotional products
  • Product restrictions based on budget, product or user permissions, allowing you to control usage and prevent hoarding
  • StōrFront can be skinned to mimic existing client websites, creating a unified experience between your primary website and the portal

If your company wants to present a unified, coordinated presence and create a consistent brand message throughout multiple units you need to consider StōrFront. It worked for First Foundation Bank and I know it can work for you.