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Video Production - Evergreen Realty
Video Production - Evergreen Realty
Evergreen Realty Recruitment Video

Evergreen Realty represents a dynamic new model for the sale and marketing of real estate properties.

Their unique system offers their agents some of the highest commissions in the industry. This feature and solid company management have led to the firm’s rapid expansion.

Evergreen came to us to help them tell their story in video. The goal was to showcase their success so it can be shared with prospective agents.

Our team decided that a “testimonial-style” interview approach with top agents would provide the credibility necessary to encourage agents from other firms to give them a look.

Since Evergreen’s annual Top Performers Award Ceremony was just a few weeks away, we were able to build the event into the script and shooting schedule.

The video is now part of Evergreen’s ongoing recruitment conversation and sits on their company website for agents who want to learn more about Evergreen’s unique opportunity.


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