Doug Grant

Doug Grant

President and CEO

What do you like about working with the team at Westamerica?
Our team is world-class. Every day, from the front of the shop to the back and every place in between, our people exemplify our Core Values: “Can-Do, Will Do. All-In Client Focus. Play Nice, Play Fair.” I couldn’t be more proud of our team.

What opportunities do you help clients discover?
“Collaborate” is the first word in our slogan (Collaborate, Create, Applaud, Repeat). Our clients appreciate the creative ideas, production know-how, cost-saving suggestions, and value-added solutions we bring to the table when we collaborate with them early in their projects.

How would you describe a successful client experience?
I’ll let our clients answer this directly with feedback from recent surveys:
“You keep your promises. You deliver results.”
“You’ve got our back. You are a true partner, not just a vendor.”
“You care about our relationship, and it shows.”
“You have an intimate knowledge of our business. You handle any challenge we throw at you.”
“You care. You catch things we miss.”

What is your favorite word or phrase?

When you get to heaven, what would you like to hear God say?
“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Where is your happy place?
On a mountain bike, resting with some good buddies at the top of a long climb, breathing deep and taking in the view.

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
The Apostle Paul. I admire his passion, his zest for life, his unwavering commitment to the truth, and his continual demonstration of love-in-action.

What’s your favorite smell?
Fresh roasted coffee.

What (or where) is your favorite source of creative inspiration?
Getting outside in nature re-energizes me. Filling my lungs with fresh air, enjoying beautiful scenery and awesome sunsets.

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