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Annual Reports

When it comes to corporate communications, telling your story with your annual report should make your company shine. We believe the best annual reports have a good mix of both business facts and inspiring stories.

We have an extensive selection of pre-created ready to use designs for you to use as an inspiration to jump-start your project. Trust Westamerica to help you tell your story.

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Brand Identity

From logo design and rebranding to package creation, we can help your brand cut through the marketplace clutter and perform.

Want to know more about these projects? Let’s talk!

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Printed and digital newsletters can help build credibility for your company and brand.

We can help you tell your story in the most effective manner with the goal of engaging your audience with your company and products.

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Corporate Collateral

We understand how important it is to look your best with corporate communications. That’s why we have a dedicated team that can help you take your collateral’s to an even higher level.

Whether it’s general production layout, full creative support or engineered solutions, we have everything in-house to make you look your best.

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Greeting Cards

Custom and Pre-Created Greeting Cards

Greeting cards provide you with a simple way to stay in touch. Whether it’s a single card to thank a customer or distribution of Holiday cards to your entire list, we have the capability to do it all.

Our single stop resource allows you to conveniently manage your entire project from your office. No coordination with other suppliers is required. We can digitally print, sign and mail your card. What could be easier?

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